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Lent Lunches 2015 Stations Of The Cross 2015

Stations of the Cross These Icons can be found within the cloister area of the Church. If you look at the Gallery web page and scroll down the page you will find an explanation of each station. There are 14 of them and they represent the story of Jesus, his passion, death and resurrection.

From the earliest days, followers of Jesus told the story of his passion, death and resurrection. When pilgrims came to see Jerusalem, they were anxious to see the sites where Jesus was. These sites became important holy connections with Jesus. Eventually, following in the footsteps of the Lord, along the way of the cross, became a part of the pilgrimage to visit. The stations, as we know them today, came about when it was no longer easy or even possibly to visit the holy sites. In the 1500's, villages all over Europe started creating 'replicas' of the way of the cross, with small shrines commemorating the places along the route in Jerusalem. These shrines became the set of 14 stations we know and were placed in almost every Church in the world.
Each station has an explanation of the scene portrayed. You might like to consider this when viewing each station.

Mothers Day 2015 Easter Services 2015
Easter Egg Hunt 2015

St Michaels Church interior - November 2014

St Michael's Church - in 2014

Welcome to St Michael's, a calm and peaceful place of prayer, worship and hospitality within the suburban area of Reading. Our beautiful church is used regularly for worship and prayers are said daily. We hope that you will feel God's presence and take his peace with you when you leave. Christians have been worshipping here for at least seven hundred years. This church was constructed in the 13th century AD and is dedicated to St Michael.

St Michael's congregation meets regularly to witness the love of God expressed in life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our worship is focussed on the Eucharist - the communion meal, which is celebrated each Sunday morning and mid week on a Wednesday morning. We draw strength from worshipping and praying together and being part of the worldwide community of Christians which endeavours to love and serve God in every aspect of life.

Take yourself on a pilgrimage as you walk round the church and you will come upon certain places which may prompt you to reflect on their spiritual significance.

Remember also, as you pass the tombs and epitaphs of those remembered in this church, that you are one of many thousands who have walked this way as they journeyed through their lives.

Please take a moment to think of those that you love in your own lives.

You can find details of our regular services, as well as special services and other events, together with our latest news and you can also find out how to join one of our church groups, which include choirs, bell ringers and the flower team. Just select a link from the menu bar above.

We look forward to welcoming you to St Michael's and hope very much that you enjoy your visit.

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