St Michael’s Church News is published monthly except in January and August.  It is available by annual subscription in the following formats:

  • Paper copy, hand-delivered (within a reasonable distance from church) - £6 per year
  • Paper copy, posted - £12.50 per year
  • Electronic copy, emailed - £5 per year

A web-safe version of the magazine is made available without charge on this website, for promotional purposes.  Some information relating to contacts within the church has been removed from this version.

Enquiries about subscriptions and local/postal deliveries should be directed in  the first instance to the Parish Office (see ContactUs page).

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The comments and views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily in agreement with those of the Church of England, the Rector of this parish, or any of its elected officers. Advertisements are published in good faith, but inclusion of an advertisement does not imply recommendation or endorsement, by the Rector, Churchwardens, Parochial Church Council or Editors, of the goods and services offered.