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St Michael's is a Christian Stewardship parish.  Christian Stewardship is a response we all make to God to thank Him for all He has given us.

Principles of Stewardship

  • We regard our lives, our powers and possessions as gifts from God, to be enjoyed and used in His service and to meet the needs of all mankind.
  • We seek to be stewards of the Gospel and to share in Christ's mission to the world.
  • We seek to be stewards of our planet and be mindful in how we use the earth's resources.
  • We seek to give financially according to our means through the Christian Stewardship planned giving scheme to support God's work.
  • We offer to God all that we give, whether it be time, talents or financial support, and we pray that it will be acceptable to Him.

Church members are encouraged to live by these principles, through generous giving of their time, talents and money - within the church, in the local community, and beyond. For examples of these principles being put into practice, please refer to the web-pages on Mission Giving, Outreach, and Church Activities in general.

Regarding our forward-looking focus on Environmental Stewardship, you may like to refer to our links to other websites about Climate Change.

How to give money to St Michael's Church 

(a) Visitors to Services

Visitors may make a donation towards the running costs of the churchDonors who are taxpayers can increase the value of their donation, at no extra cost, by supplying a few details for Gift Aid, which allows the church to reclaim some tax from the government.

Visitors who wish to make an on-line donation by card should go to the Donations page.

Visitors to church may make a donation either at the time of the collection (which is taken during the Offertory hymn at the 09:30 Sunday service) or by leaving it on the Offertory plate before the start of the service.  Where applicable, taxpayers should use the Gift Aid envelopes in the pews to provide their name and address details.

(b) Regular church attendees 

Church members are invited to participate in the Planned Stewardship Giving Scheme.  This involves making a commitment to contribute a regular amount to the church's finances.  Again, payments made under Gift Aid enable the church to reclaim tax from the government, thereby increasing the value to the church at no additional cost to donors who pay income tax.

There are three ways to make payments:

  1. By Direct Debit (recommended method) - the Parish Giving Scheme
    Subject to the donor's continuing agreement, payments are taken each month by this independent charity operated by the Church of England.  Any Gift Aid tax is reclaimed from the government, and the total amount is passed to St Michael's church.  No-one at St Michael's needs to know any details of the amount given by donors who use Direct Debit.  Donors using this method have the option to have their donations automatically adjusted to account for inflation.
  2. By Banker's Order
    Donors instruct their bank or building society to make regular payments to St Michael's church.  The Stewardship Recorder at St Michael's is responsible for reclaiming any Gift Aid tax from the government.  No-one else at St Michael's will know any details about donors who use Banker's Orders.
  3. By cash or cheque
    Donors are supplied with a set of Stewardship envelopes.  Each week, the donation is sealed into the envelope which is put into the collection or onto the Offertory plate at church.  The Stewardship Recorder at St Michael's is responsible for reclaiming any Gift Aid tax from the government.  No-one else at St Michael's will know any details about donors who use Stewardship envelopes.

For details of giving by Direct Debit, please read the Parish Giving Scheme leaflet or visit the Parish Giving Scheme website.

For details of giving by other methods, please read the Giving in Grace leaflet.

Please use the form at the foot of this page to request further information.

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