'Messy Church' – Lent

St Michael's Church continues its monthly Messy Church series with an on-line video for Lent.  This is an on-demand recording which is available through the Facebook page and church website from Sunday 21st February.  It includes:

  • An introduction, by Sarah
  • A talk and story, by Jenny
  • Making a 'Journey Challenge' for Lent, by Catherine
  • A song with actions, by Dee
  • Making a 'Prayer Cross', by Jackie
  • A closing prayer.

Things you will need:

  • For making your own 'Journey Challenge'
    • a large sheet of paper (A4 size, or bigger if available)
    • a black/dark pen
    • coloured pens or crayons
    • coloured paint - optional (if you make a 'fingerprint' journey)
    • other decoration (such as glitter) - optional.
  • For making your own 'Prayer Cross'
    • a large sheet of paper (A4 size)
    • a pair of scissors
    • a black/dark pen.

You may need an adult to help with using the scissors.  The adult could also help with the drawing, if needed, or with thinking of 'challenges'.

To view the video, click on the 'Play' arrow in the centre of the picture.  You can then alter the sound level, subtitles, image size, and other settings, using the controls at the bottom of the picture.