'Messy Church' – Christingle

The Sunday Service on 24th January 2021 had a Christingle theme.

The Children's Society works to transform the hopes and happiness of young people facing abuse, exploitation and neglect.  It supports them through the most difficult challenges, and it campaigns for social changes to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children.

A Christingle - an emblem of the Children's Society

In common with other charities, the pandemic has affected the Children's Society's ability to raise funds.  We can't hold our normal Christingle service, but can still raise funds for the Children's Society.  I have set up a fund-raising page which enables donations straight to The Children's Society.    Please donate to The Children's Society if you feel able to, so that St Michael's can continue to support their important work, as we have in the past.

Thanks very much.
Jenny Foakes

View our Service on-line

The Christingle-themed service took place at 10:30am on Sunday 24th January, and was live-streamed via YouTube.  The video is still available via our Previous Videos page.

Fund-raising for The Children's Society

Clicking on the link below will take you to straight to our fund-raising page:

The Children's Society fund-raising - https://thyg.uk/CUS053608

The Children's Society website

To find out more about The Children's Society, visit their website:


Messy Church – Christingle

St Michael's Church is starting the New Year with an on-line 'Messy Church Christingle'.  This is an on-demand recording which is available through the Facebook page and church website from Sunday 24th January.  It includes an activity to make your own Christingle.   To participate in this activity you will need:

  • an orange/tangerine
  • 4 cocktail sticks
  • sweets
  • red ribbon
  • small candle / birthday candle (to put in the top)

You will also need an adult, a sharp knife and some sticky tape.

We look forward to sharing our Christingle with you.

To view the video, click on the 'Play' arrow in the centre of the picture.  You can then alter the sound level, subtitles, image size, and other settings, using the controls at the bottom of the picture.