A child is a wonderful gift from God, which we rightly want to celebrate.  We usually do this in a special service at 11:30 on a Sunday or, where parents are already active church members, during the regular 09:30 service.

The Church of England offers two approaches - Baptism and Thanksgiving.  Both are ways of celebrating the life of your child.  Both involve making promises to God with the support of family and close friends.  Both offer the opportunity for a celebration.  The main difference is in the extent and depth of Christian commitment that each form of service expresses.

To help you decide whether a Baptism or a Thanksgiving is right for you and your child, you can download the Baptism Booklet or obtain a copy from the Parish Office.

If you are ready to take the next step, then you can download the Baptism Application form or the Application for Thanksgiving form, or obtain a copy from the Parish Office.  The relevant form should be completed and then sent or taken to the Parish Office for processing.

Don't worry if you still have questions!  Remember that the church is not for perfect people but for ordinary men and women who are honest enough to recognise a need for God.   We look forward to talking about some of these things - or any other questions you may have.