Parish Streets and Boundaries

The parish boundary is shown in the map below.  Please note that this refers to the ecclesiastical parish of St Michael's Church Tilehurst (not to be confused with the civil parish of Tilehurst).  The parish covers over 6,500 households in over 200 roads.  The neighbouring parishes are:

  • to the North - the Parish of Tilehurst St Mary Magdalen
  • to the North-East - the Parish of Tylehurst St George
  • to the East - the Parish of Reading All Saints
  • to the South - the Parish of Reading St Matthew (in Southcote)
  • to the West - the Parish of Tilehurst St Catherine of Siena.

St Michael's parish boundary

This map was generated using the website called A Church Near You.  If you follow the website link, type 'Tilehurst St Michael' into the 'Near' box, select from the drop-down list, and click on the arrow to proceed.  The map displayed will be centred on St Michael's Road, Tilehurst.  Click on the number 1 church listed, and zoom in to see the detailed map of St Michael's parish boundary.

Roads in the Parish

Roads which lie within the parish of St Michael Tilehurst are listed below, or click here to download the list as a PDF file.  It is possible that some very new roads have not yet been added to the list.  Where a road crosses the parish boundary, the list indicates which house numbers are within St Michael's parish.  Where the road lies entirely within the parish, then the house numbers are listed as "All".  Where a road includes a 'Court' or 'Block' with its own numbering system of flats/dwellings, this is given a separate entry in the list.