List of Streets in the Parish of St Michael's Church, Tilehurst - (updated 10/01/2008)

BlockRoadDirections Houses in the parish
  Albert Illsley Close (off Westwood Road) All
  Alder Drive (off Firs Road) All
  Alford Close (off Corwen Road) All
  Andover Close (off Lower Armour Road) All
  Armour Hill   Even numbers
Wheeler Court Armour Hill   All
  Armour Road   All
  Armour Walk (off Armour Hill) All
  Ash Road (off Corwen Road) All
  Atherton Close (off Stanham Road) All
  Aylsham Close (off Chichester Road) All
  Bath Road, Calcot (from Golf Course to Langley Hill) North side: numbers 2-64
  Bath Road, Reading (from Honey End Lane to Golf Course) North side: numbers 92-216
  Beatty Drive (off Kentwood Close) All
  Beechwood Avenue (off Park Lane, opp. school) All
  Berkshire Drive   Odd numbers 17+
  Beverley Road (off Westwood Road) All
  Birch Avenue (off Norcot Road) All
  Blundells Road (off Norcot Road) All
  Boundary Close (off Firs Road) All
  Bourton Close (off Warnford Road) All
  Bramble Crescent (off Gratwicke Road) All
  Bran Close (off Corwen Road) All
  Broadlands Close (in Calcot Golf Course) All
  Bromley Walk (off Hardwick Road) All
  Broomfield Road (off Norcot Road) All
  Burlington Road (off Halls Road) All
  Burrcroft Court (off A4 near Honey End Lane) All
  Cadogan Close (off Corwen Road) All
  Calcot Court (in Calcot Golf Course) All
  Calcot Park (West Drive & East Drive) (in Calcot Golf Course) All
  Calder Close (off Chichester Road) All
  Causmans Way (off Hartslock Way) All
  Chapel Hill   Odd numbers 3-51 and even numbers 2-24
  Cheddington Close (off Cockney Hill) All
  Chelsea Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Chepstow Road (off Westwood/Oaktree junction) Even numbers
  Chichester Road (excl. Halcyon Terrace) All
  Church End Lane   All
  Coalport Way (off Pottery Road) All
  Cockney Hill   All
  Combe Road (off The Meadway, opp. school) All
  Corwen Road   All
  Crescent Road (off Westwood Road) All
  Dalton Close (off Aylsham Close) All
  Dartington Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Dee Road (off The Meadway) Odd numbers 1-69 and even numbers 2-46
  Delaney Close (off Riley Road) All
  Delft Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Denby Way (off Pottery Road) All
  Downing Road (off Park Lane, by school) All
  Dresden Way (off Pottery Road) All
  Dunsfold Road (off The Meadway, by school) All
  Dunstall Close (off School Road, opp. Corwen Road) All
  Elan Close (off Dee Road) All
  Elvaston Way (off Dee Road/Hardwick Road) All
  Fairsted Close (off Lawrence Road) All
  Fairway Avenue (off Heathfield Avenue) All
Claire Court Fairway Avenue   All
  Fir Pit Lane (off Chapel Hill) All
  Fircroft Close (off Westwood Road) All
  Firs Road (off Langley Hill, opp. Halls Road) All
  Fontwell Drive (off Hogarth Avenue) All
  Gipsy Lane (off Kentwood Hill/Romany Lane) South side
  Glenrosa Road (off Broomfield Road) All
  Grafton Road (off Lansdowne Road/Mayfair) All
  Gratwicke Road (off Corwen Road/Blundells Road) All
  Green Acre Mount (off Recreation Road) All
  Greenwood Road (off New Lane Hill near Almshouses) All
  Halcyon Terrace (off Chichester Rd - excl. Cornerstones) All
Cornerstones Halcyon Terrace (access via Chichester Road) All
  Halls Road (off Park Lane/The Meadway) All
  Hardwick Road (off Combe Road/Stanham Road) All
  Hartslock Way (off Westwood Road) All
  Harvaston Parade (off Elvaston Way) All
  Haywood Way (off Hogarth Avenue) All
  Heathfield Avenue (off Halls Road) All
  Hirstwood (off Pottery Road) All
  Hogarth Avenue (continuation of New Lane Hill) All
  Holkham Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Holland Road (off Halls Road) All
  Hollicombe Close (off Meadway, near St.Michael's Road) All
  Honey End Lane (excl. Prospect Court, Meadway Prec) All
  Hornsea Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Hugh Fraser Drive (off Langley Hill Close) All
  Hursley Close (off St.Michael's Road) All
  Kentwood Close (off Kentwood Hill) All
  Kentwood Hill   Even numbers 2-70
  Keswick Close (off St.Michael's Road) All
  Lambourn Close (off Downing Road) All
  Langley Hall Drive (off Langley Hill, Calcot) All
  Langley Hill, Calcot (from Bath Road up to Langley Hill Close) East side only: even numbers 2-30b
  Langley Hill, Tilehurst (from Voller Drive/Langley Hill Close upwards) Odd numbers 121-133 and even numbers 100-102
  Langley Hill Close (off Langley Hill) All
  Lansdowne Road (off Mayfair) All
  Lawrence Road (off Birch Avenue/Norcot Road) All
  Lemart Close (service road, off Recreation Road) All
  Lingholm Close (off New Lane Hill/Hogarth Avenue) All
  Logan Close (off Warnford Road) All
  Lower Armour Road (off Armour Road/Armour Hill) All
Swansea Terrace Lower Armour Road (not Swansea Cottages) All
Swansea Cottages Lower Armour Road (not Swansea Terrace) All
  Lyme Grove (off Crescent Road) All
  Mainwand Gardens (off Grafton Road) All
  Mandeville Close (off New Lane Hill) All
  Manor Park Close (off Halls Road) All
  Mayfair (continuation of The Meadway) All
  Meadway Precinct (off Honey End Lane) All
  Midwinter Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Minton Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Morlands Avenue (off Bath Road near Hogarth Avenue) All
  Neath Gardens (off Church End Lane) All
  New Lane Hill (excl. Almshouses/Church Cotts/Iris Ct) All
Church Cottages New Lane Hill   All
Iris Court New Lane Hill   All
Mary Lyne Almshouses New Lane Hill   All
  Newbery Close (off Armour Hill) All
  Norcot Road (west part) Odd numbers 1-139 and even numbers 2-110
  Norcot Road (middle part) Odd numbers 255-333 and even numbers 134-224
Hill View Mews Norcot Road (next to Cornerstones) All
  Ogmore Close (off Corwen Road) All
  Old Elm Drive (off St.Michaels Road) All
  Oldean Close (off Westwood Road) All
  Pantile Close (off Cockney Hill) All
  Park Crescent (off The Meadway, opp. Prospect Park) All
  Park Grove (off The Meadway, opp. Prospect Park) All
  Park Lane   All
Arundel Lodge Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Berkshire Lodge Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Buckingham Terrace Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Cumberland Lodge Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Gate Lodge Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Norfolk Cottages Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Oakwood Cottages Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Suffolk Lodge Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
Willow Cottages Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
York Lodge Pegasus Court (off Park Lane) All
  Pegs Green Close (off The Meadway, opp. Prospect Park) All
  Pentland Close (off Hogarth Avenue) All
  Pierces Hill (off Westwood Road) Odd numbers 1-21 and even numbers 2-30
  Pikeshaw Way (off Hartslock Way) All
  Polsted Road (off Armour Road) All
  Poole Close (off Elvaston Way) All
  Poplar Avenue (off New Lane Hill near Almshouses) All
  Portland Gardens (off Lansdowne Road) All
  Portmeirion Gardens (off Pottery Road) All
  Pottery Road (off Norcot Road) All
  Recreation Road (off School Road) All
  Riley Road (off Stanham Road) All
  Romany Close (off Romany Lane) All
  Romany Lane (off Norcot Road) Odd numbers
  Routh Lane (off The Meadway/New Lane Hill) All
  Royston Close (off Warnford Road) All
  Sanctuary Close (off Chichester Road) All
  Savernake Close (off Elvaston Way) All
  School Road (excl. Bungalow Dr/Elizabeth Ct/York Ct) All
Bungalow Drive School Road (by The Link) All
Elizabeth Court School Road (opp. Recreation Road) All
York Court School Road (behind shops opp. St.Michael's Road) All
  Severn Way (off Usk Road) All
Chimney Court Shilling Close (off Honey End Lane) All
  Southerndene Close (off Westwood Row/Chepstow Road) All
  Sovereign Park (off Westwood Road) All
  Spode Close (off Wealden Way) All
  St Michaels Road   All
  Staffordshire Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Stanham Road (off Church End Lane) All
  Stoneham Close (off Cockney Hill/Severn Way) All
  Sundial Close (off Usk Road near The Meadway) All
  Taff Way (off Dee Road) All
  Tarlton Court (off Usk Road) All
  Tern Close (T-shaped road off Dee Road) All
  Teviot Road (off Corwen Road) All
  The Meadway (west part) Odd numbers 297+ and even numbers 290+
  The Meadway (middle part, excl.Dempsey/Dryland) Odd numbers 175-225 and even numbers 154-252
  The Meadway (east part, excl. Hanover Court) Odd numbers 119-173 and even numbers 2-152
Dempsey House The Meadway   All
Dryland House The Meadway   All
Hanover Court The Meadway   All
Lambeth Court The Meadway (access via Church End Lane) All
  The Triangle (cul-de-sac near supermarket) All
  Thicket Road (off Bramble Crescent/Gratwicke Road) All
  Tilehurst Road   Even numbers 326+
  Tree Close (off Tyle Road/Walnut Way) All
  Tuscan Close (off Wealden Way) All
  Tyle Road (off Walnut Way) All
  Tylers Place (off Pottery Road) All
  Usk Road (off Cockney Hill/The Meadway) All
  Ventnor Road (off Crescent Road) All
  Victoria Road (off Westwood Road/Armour Road) All
  Walmer Close (off Severn Way) All
  Walnut Way (off Corwen Road/The Triangle) All
  Wardle Avenue (off Armour Road/Armour Hill) All
  Warnford Road (off Combe Road/Stanham Road) All
  Wealden Way (off Pottery Road) All
  Wedgewood Way (off Pottery Road) All
  Wendover Way (off Woodland Drive/St.Michael's Road) All
  Westwood Road   All
  Westwood Row (off Chepstow Road/Westwood Road) Odd numbers
  Woodland Drive (off St.Michael's Road) All
  Wye Close (off Usk Road) All

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